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The Second Wives HQ

The Second Wives Head Quarters is created to be a touchstone for all the second wives in the world, a place for you to come and feel connected, like you are part of a community.

My goal and desire is to offer the best content and information through my website blog and social media. And keep you up to date and informed with everything you need to know about becoming a second wife or blended family. And offer sound and proven tips and advice for the one’s like me, who have been around for a while.

Having a community to be part of is so very important.

In Nice Girls Don’t Change the World, Lynne Hybels wrote, 
“I lived outside community, I lived without a tribe. I needed women to listen to my pain and honour my tears. Then I needed women to tell me it was time to dry my tears… and do something… I needed women to tell me to rent a silly film and laugh hysterically. I needed women to say “Celebrate! Go shopping!” The best thing I ever did was tiptoe out of isola- tion and join the circle of women.”

We are part of a tribe in our village, sometimes that village may seem a little hostile. Creating the Second Wives Head Quarters was to keep my mission and purpose alive. To breathe life and hope, through not only my book, but my online 6 week course that is coming soon. The life changing and inspirational conferences and events that will follow. And the daily connection through my website and blog and social media.

My hope, is that the Second Wives Head Quarters becomes a global community of amazing women with the same desire as me. To live the best life you can, and know that you deserve it!

The Second Wives Head Quarters proudly presents “The Second Wives Guide” Discover the Secrets to Survive and Thrive as Second Wife or Step-parent. This book is just the beginning, strap yourselves in girls, this is going to be an amazing RIDE and lives are about to change!