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The Second Wives Guide

The Second Wives Guide

"Wherever you are right now, remember, this is the partner you’ve chosen, it’s your life, and you're worthy of love, a fabulous marriage and a beautiful family."

- Angela Vassallo

Here's a sneak peak inside the book: Download the first chapter here for free!

What's inside this book?

The Second Wives Guide is an inspirational book for creating functional relationships with everyone in your blended family. A fun and easy read, full of personal stories, case studies and valuable tips, this book helps you develop the self esteem and confidence to claim your place in the family and give yourself the tools (and permission) to succeed and be happy. It poses the question — Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?


  • "Thank you Angela Vassallo! Your book, and communication style is honest, authentic, realistic, and just so true. Thank you for expressing what a lot of us are feeling, and giving practical, simple techniques to help us get through the tricky times. Don't get me wrong - it's always going to be a challenge - but if we can get through with less anxiety and angst, and more openness and love, we are winning. Thank you."
    ~ Anna Strand

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