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  • “Angela Vassallo has captured the humour that is often present in stressful blended family situations, with empathy and useful guidance.  I am not only a second wife/stepmother to my husband's 4 children but also a step grandmother to their 10 children, all of whom are under the age of 7.  I am also an ex-wife/ mother from my previous marriage and my husband and I also have a child together.  Blending these families with HIS, MINE, and OURS was complicated and I am not sure I have come out the other side yet.  This book certainly touched on most situations that I have encountered along my journey.  When life gets complicated as it invariably does, I used to say "Welcome to my World" - Now I say "Welcome to my Village"!”
    ~ Trish Duncan, Chartered Accountant
  • “This book is essential reading for all women in or looking into entering into a blended family. I recommend this book both as a healthcare professional that consults with women dealing with the stress and anxiety that blended family living can bring. And myself as a mother with my own blended family. I especially love the information on being the hero in your family and the unprecedented look at life as a child of divorce. This information has changed the way I look at my own stepchildren forever, thank you Angela for opening my eyes.”
    ~ Jennifer Harrington Naturopath, Parramatta Naturopathic Clinic
  • “As a second wife and step mum I can vouch for the fact this book abounds with the soundest of advice.  All those contemplating the leap or already travelling the rocky road should buy a copy right now.”
    ~ Judy Nunn, Author and Actress