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Surviving Christmas as a Blended Family

By Angela Vassalo on December 21, 2015 in Tips

tipsimagesChristmas is all about family coming together and celebrating that special day! But what happens if you are a blended family? This can a be a time of great stress for some blended families when children are involved. Who gets who, and who goes where? Big questions that can cause a lot of tension in families that are not getting along. Just getting through the day without throwing a turkey leg at someone will be a successful day for some. So how do Blended Families do it & who does get the kids?

Points –

Some easy yet often overlooked ways to a happy harmonious Christmas this year as a blended family;

• Don’t use the children as Weapons: no this is not in the literal sense but more from the perspective that a child should never be the conduit that serves to deliver the messages. Address adult issues as an adult & avoid bringing children into these type of conversations.

• Be Flexible – Don’t have to celebrate a holiday on it’s official date, you can do it the day before or day after, there is no set rule!

• Plan Ahead – No surprises for ex-spouse, don’t assume anything, communicate, be fair

• No Animosity – Children sense tension, and are relieved when they see things being amicable. The holidays are time of fun and excitement for children, don’t let the lead up to this holiday be one of worry and concern and anxiety for a child, wondering how their parents are going to behave.

• Start your own Traditions – Whatever they might be. Someone may cut the turkey every year, do place cards for everyone, ask the children to participate in preparing the meal. Include traditions that they are familiar with from their other home.

• Bring your blended family together this year as one, ( one big happy family), stranger things have happened. You may find you all get along, and the kids will be happy and love it! And isn’t that the most important thing at Christmas.

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