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Couple’s who Play together Stay together

By Angela Vassalo on August 19, 2015 in Tips

Tips and ideas on having Fun with your partner –
• Date Night – I am a big advocate of scheduling in date nights together, whether it’s every week, fortnight or monthly. Get out your calendar and schedule in a date night right now!11846753_10153131706596245_7105889763100379898_n
• Go to your favorite restaurant, that you both enjoy.
• Try a new restaurant, go somewhere you have been meaning to try, but haven’t got around to it.
• Invite another couple that you both like and make it a double date. That way you can catch up on girl talk, and the guys can chat about guy stuff, and everyone is happy.
• Go and see a movie you have been wanting to see. If you can go Gold Class and order a wine and cheese platter, it just makes it that little bit more special. How often do we ever watch a movie, lying down in our chair, with someone serving food and drinks, it’s fun!
• Take in a Sunset together, walk along the beach, or somewhere you can see a sunset.
• Try something new together, that you both want to do.
• Go to an amusement park for the day and go on the rides.
• Pack an overnight bag, and take a drive somewhere, and wherever you end up, find a cute place and stay the night. ( just be open to see what happens)
• Relax together, read a book, relax in the sun, have a rest together.
• Go to your local comedy club and just laugh.
• Book a ski trip, together, kids can come too. (or not)
• Try a cooking class, or dancing class together
• Go to the park and ride your bike together, This is great exercise, plus it’s a lot of fun.
• If your more adventurous, do something crazy like bunjy jumping, or jump out of a plane, something you both have spoken about, but never got around to doing.
• Go dancing for the night, find a great place that plays your music and go dancing!
• Spend time with other couples that have kids, that way the kids can go and play with each other, and you guys get to have fun and catch up.
• Go bowling, this is an awesome way to have fun, you may even take the whole family.

Whatever it is that you consider fun, that makes you happy, then go and do that together, and remember – Don’t leave FUN off the menu!!

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